Want to access your XING-Account & Contacts? Try Connect.8 for XING-App

Here is a nice little App which allows you to access your XING-Account + your contacts in one App.

The App is made by BRICKMAKERS which developed it in association with XING itself.

Using the Charms it is only possible to search for your existing contacts. Other contacts which are registered in XING and you just don’t have a relationship to will not appear.

So it will also not be able to search for special skilled new contacts you might want to find in the XING-network.


Concluding we can say, that the Connect.8 is a nice looking App at first glance but unfortunately not able to use the full API-potential.

We hope that BRICKMAKERS will add more features with upcoming releases.

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Hi Surface-Envangelist, thanks for your review. We will increase the funtionallity with at least two new major releases. Best BRICKMAKERS