Surface Pro is a Big Hit on Ebay

On Launch Day of the Surface Pro we saw many pictures on different tech-blogs showing long lines of people trying to get the newest member of the Surface family. Beside that it took about 7 hours until both models (64GB & 128GB) were sold out in the Microsoft Online Store.

The big crowd after the Surface Pro was so big that Panos Panay (GM of the Surface Team) had to announce that there would be more devices available on the next weekend.

The lucky ones who could buy a Surface Pro, or even better many devices, are now getting very high amounts on Ebay. When we checked last time, the devices were sold for prices between $1,200 and up to $2,000! A really high price when you think about the fact that Microsoft announced quickly that more devices would be available very soon!

We think this gives evidence that Microsoft could really push up the hype around the Surface Pro. High enough that people are willing to pay such high prices. This is very similar to the situation when the Apple iPad was released! Let’s hope it will be an even greater success! :-)


Source: Surface Pro 128GB devices on Ebay


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