Surface 2 Pricing Revealed!

We’ve been very silent on our site a while now, but after hearing all those rumors on the 2nd gen Surface Tablets we now got some fresh updates for you on pricing!

Mary Jo Foley just announced on the popular “Windows Weekly” show that she received a couple of details on pricing of the next gen Surface family.


According to her sources Microsoft will continue its first generation Surface RT 32 GB for 349.99$.


New devices will be the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2:


  • Surface 2 is going to priced starting with 499$
  • Surface Pro 2 will start at 899$


According to MJFs sources the peripherals, like the long awaited Surface Docking station will be priced and sold separately.


We got to say we are very curious on the new accessories like the Surface Pro Docking station and also on the new Power Cover!


Beside those rumors we can be sure, that we will hear more details on upcoming Monday, when Microsoft is going to hold its special Surface event!



Let us know what you think about the prices!

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Wao Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 will fail again, the price is really important.

when exactly is she mentioning the prize at Windows Weekly, the podcast is 2h long and in the first hour, she is not saying it

80s Rocker

Really, the next gen devices will fail again. Didn’t know the failed the first time. Were sales less than expected? Yes. Is selling millions of devices a failure? No. Wish I had a product I could sell millions of.

1. Prices are now were they should have been at launch for 1st gen.

2. The Pro could be about $100-$200 less, but price is not unreasonable since w/keyboard it is a full laptop.

Saying they will fail based on price is stupid. In my opinion the specs are what is going to be important.

Surface RT: Hope it has a stylus like the Pro and even better battery life than 1st gen. Being able to connect to Domain is also a needed feature. Having option to get device w/ data plan will also help.

Surface Pro: If they have new Haswell chip and get 10-12 hrs battery life, they will knock it out of the park. Surface Pro = Laptop w/ tablet battery life.

Surface Mini: hopefully there will be another announcement on this Monday. They need a small Surface to compete against Nexus, Kindle, Book, etc.

Hi Achim – you can hear her talking on the Prices after 01:26:00 h.