Meet OneNote MX and its new radial menu

Unfortunately not enough people know about OneNote or ever used it so far.

But let us tell you this: If you ever try it, the chances are very big that you will find the ultimate tool to organize your life just a little better! It is very powerful at collecting structured (i.e. tables) and unstructured (i.e. information in screenshots) data coming from any possible source!

With Windows 8/RT Microsoft released a “Metrofied” Version which is called “OneNote MX”.

Since it is very hard to use the Office ribbon with a touch-screen/tablet it uses a radial menu. This very innovative solution gives you easy and fast access to the mostly needed context functions like changing fonts, sizes, table formatting – and all of this very easy to use with your finger!

To give you an impression how “OneNote MX” looks like & the radial menu really makes it easy to edit your OneNotes just take a look at this video:


Download “OneNote MX”


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